Linking regulatory questions and needs to answers from science

NANoREG is the first project of any EU Framework Programme to combine the questions and needs of regulatory and legislation authorities with the science community, thereby delivering the knowledge required to provide unambiguous answers. The NANoREG approach is structured in seven steps:


A)   Working out the requirements and questions of the national regulation and legislation authorities, complemented with general knowledge about gaps, such as defined in the RIPoN 2/3 ports or by SG6 of OECD. 

B)    Development of an interdisciplinary solution strategy within WP 1 in order to structure R&D activities preparing the answers and solutions.

C)    Performing R&D and validation projects in order to elaborate a solid ground for recommendations, answering the questions and needs of decision makers of legislation authorities and industry. Independent test and case studies examining the answers and solutions.

D)    Synthesis of validated information to respond to the questions and requirements for the national regulation and legislation authorities.

E)    Synthesis and answers to solutions.

F)    Transferring the knowledge to the national authorities and experts in workshops, dissemination of the not protected findings to all stakeholders, nationally and internationally; monitoring the exploitation of the results by the national regulation and legislation authorities.

G)   Collecting all tested instruments, recommendations etc. in the "NANoREG INSTRUMENT TOOL BOX" for regulators and legislators.