(May 2015)
Data management and a harmonised approach to handle meaningful and comparable data are a key success factor for the assessment of the quality and reliability of methods, as well as for an effective and responsible use of nanomaterials (NMs).

The Investigation/Study/Assay (ISA) tab-delimited (TAB) format (www.isacommons.org) has also been identified as a suitable system for data logging and exchanging of complex metadata concerning nanomaterial. NANoREG has produced a set of easy-to-use 'templates'. The templates have been built by experts in different fields (phys-chem, in vivo and in vitro toxicology) and are aimed at harmonising the logging of experimentally-produced data, and include meaningful and detailed information to support causal correlation analyses, modelling and Safe-by-Design (SbD).
Objectives and 'take home messages'
  • NANoREG provides these templates freely to the nanomaterial environmental, health and safety (nanoEHS) community, as jump start towards the harmonisation, sharing and linking of data. This achievement will impact nanoEHS data management at European level, and possibly beyond.
  • The template files are public and free to use and adapt (see license below).
  • Data logging can be an easy task, provided that the right balance between real scientific needs ('need-to-record') and effort put by experimentalists into logging is found.
Please download the templates in our download area.

(December 2015)

ProSafe project invites experts to a Delphi Forum on whether risk management is on pace with nanotechnology innovation

European Horizon2020 project ‘ProSafe’ has launched an online Delphi Forum on whether risk management is on pace with innovation for nanomaterial uses. Expert discussion between those working with manufacture and health and safety of specific nanomaterial uses will be used to develop a white paper proposing a path forward for risk management policies for nanomaterial uses. To join the forum, please follow the instructions below:

  • Follow this link https://scipinion.com/
  • In the access code box for "ProSafe Delphi Poll” please insert “Prosafe2015” as the Access Code and click ‘take survey’
  • Then enter your email address to enter the poll and you will receive an email to confirm and set up a user account. With a user account you can return to the survey if you need to leave in the middle, or if you want to come back later and revise your entries or see progress as more people respond.

The Delphi forum will include a panel review of the discussion so far at the Society for Risk Analysis in early December so the project team are looking to gain as much input as possible before the 30th November. The material classes considered in the Delphi forum are titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide, cerium oxide, barium sulphate, silver, and carbon nanotubes.
You can read more about the project on the ProSafe website.


pdf2015_06_01_NANoREG_Factsheet_D6.3_Comparison on toxicity testing in drug development and in present MNMs safety testing.pdf


 (June 2016)

pdfNANoREG_SbD_concept_final (2016_06_02)



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