Innovation und Regulierung für die sichere Anwendung von Nanomaterialien, 2017_04_03, Bern, Switzerland
Diese Veranstaltung berichtet über die Ergebnisse des Projekts mit besonderem Fokus auf:
  • Wissenschaftliche Grundlagen für die Regulierung von Nano-materialien, neue Informationen von der OECD/ProSafe/NANoREG Konferenz in Paris, November 2016
  • Fortschritte bei der Harmonisierung und Standardisierung von Testmethoden als Grundlage für die Regulierung, mit besonderem Fokus auf die Resultate der Projekte mit Schweizer Beteiligung
  • Methoden und Instrumente zur Entwicklung von sicheren Nanomaterialien und Produkte mit solchen Materialien
  • Förderung von wissensbasierten Innovationen unter Einbezug des sicheren Umgangs mit Nanomaterialien
NanoSafety Conference "Nanomaterial research for innovation and regulatory needs", 2017_03_29, Helsinki, Finland
The Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) is organizing a nanosafety conference which will present results and conclusions of the NANoREG project as well as discuss the current regulatory framework for health and safety assessment of nanomaterials especially under REACH, and the need for updates. The conference is aimed at industry, authorities and researchers.

Please read more, see the agenda and registrate at Tukes pages:

Joint scientific conference of NANoREG, ProSafe & OECD, 2016_11_29-_12_01, Paris, France

For more information about this conference please visit!


7th NANoREG Consortium Meeting, 2016_06_08-09, Bilbao, Spain

Premeeting: 7 June 2015.

More information available soon!


Session "Grouping and read-across in environmental risk assessment of nanomaterials: possible approaches, knowledge gaps and regulatory challenges" at SETAC Europe Annual Meeting, 2016_05_22-26, Nantes, France

At the next SETAC Europe Annual Meeting (Nantes, 22-26 May 2016) a session is proposed on "Grouping and read-across in environmental risk assessment of nanomaterials: possible approaches, knowledge gaps and regulatory challenges" (under "Risk assessment, mitigation and monitoring" main track). Chairs of the proposed session will be Birgit Sokull‐Kluettgen (JRC), Stefania Gottardo (JRC), and Eric Bleeker (RIVM). Abstract submission (both poster and platform presentations) is open till 25 November 2015 at this link.


WORKSHOP: NanoSafety: State of Art of Italian Partnership in NANoREG Project and the Link with ProSafe Coordination Action, 2015_11_26, Bologna, Italy

The Italian partnership within the FP7 NANoREG project encompasses 5 partners (CNR, ENEA, IIT, ISS, VN) and 3 third parties (UniTO, UniTorVergata, INAIL), committed in different activities that cover all the project pillars. The Ministero della Salute acts as National Coordinator. We present here some results obtained and the challenges encountered during the first 24 months. ISS and VN are also involved in the ProSafe Coordination Action that will utilize many of the results produced by NANoREG and other NanoEuropean activities (FP7 projects and OECD Sponsor Programme).

Download Programme

Contact: Barone Flavia (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and Paola Di Prospero (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


6th NANoREG Consortium Meeting, 2015_11_10-12, Hague, The Netherlands


Joint Seminar on NanoSafety: ProSafe, NANoREG, SIINN, OECD, NanoDefine and NanoValid_2015_06_12, Riga, Latvija

pdfDownload Programm

NANoREG Service Desk: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ProSafe Service Desk: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Background Information:

Consumer acceptance of nanomaterials and their products depends on a high level of public awareness regarding health and safety issues. This Seminar focuses on the current progress and status of work to integrate Safe-by-Design into the development and manufacture of nanomaterials and nano- products.

The SIINN Era Net consortium for "Safe Implementation of Innovative Nanoscience and Nanotechnology" explains the new "Consolidated Framework for EHS of Manufactured Nanomaterials" and presents the results of some SIINN projects.

The NANoREG Guidance Document gives a specific description of selected nanomaterials, the dispersion protocols to be used for their characterization, as well as the minimum requirements to be applied for the in vivo, in vitro and eco-toxicological studies in NANoREG.

Uncertainties and risk potential will be identified at an early stage and can be reduced by alternative solutions based on NANoREG’s Safe-by-Design concept, which can be applied to all or parts of the innovation process of nanomaterials and nano inspired products.

PROSAFE will – beside other objectives - facilitate and promote the acceptance of Safe by Design in industry’s innovation processes by launching common calls and twinning of projects.




















5th NANoREG Consortium Meeting, 2015_05_19-21, Lisbon, Portugal

The Meeting will be a mixture of plenary sessions, work package meetings, task meetings, thematic sessions and the General Assembly.

During the plenary sessions, we will discuss the state of the art regarding the implementation of the project. The first ideas on the key outcomes of the project like regulatory framework and toolbox will be presented. Furthermore we will pay attention to the linking of the R&D work to the Regulatory Questions and Needs (Task 1.3). Besides that, there will be the opportunity to discuss the activities and progress on work package‐ and task level.

4th NANoREG General Assembly, 2014_11_06, Rotterdam, Netherlands


4th NANoREG Consoritum Meeting, 2014_11_05-06, Rotterdam, the Netherlands


Time: 2014.11.05, 1.30-5p.m.
Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Organizers: NANoREG

With this second NANoREG workshop, we started a series of events to discuss and elaborate a regulatory system, which incorporates the flexibility of keeping pace with innovation by allowing for continuing innovation within its own architecture. Due to the fact that this issue has caused much controversy, we decided on relevant scenarios that cover the topic. The scenario with the highest acceptance by Regulators and industrial innovators will guide NANoREG’s future activities on safe innovation.

 pdfInvitation Flyer Rotterdam 05-11-2014170.71 KB

Annual Swedish Partner Joint Meeting, 2014_10_20, 9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Stockholm, Sweden

Location: SP, Drottning Kristinas väg 45, Stockholm

Organizers: NANoREG and SwedNanoTech

Registration: email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., last day to register: October 14

The Swedish Coordinating team and partner group invites you to an open one-day seminar in Stockholm with focus on Swedish nanosafety research and NANoREG activities. Dr. Mats-Olof Mattsson from AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria will give a presentation on the value chain studies within NANoREG. You will also meet and hear on the activities of the Swedish research groups and companies involved in the project.

NANoREG “Workshop on Biokinetics and Environmental Fate", 2014_06_23, Berlin, Germany

The workshop is dealing with two major topics: Biodistribution and Organ burden on June 23, 2014 and Environmental Fate on June 24, 2014

The workshop intends an exchange of results achieved in NANoREG so far with international scientists and regulators. The workshop shall also serve as a platform for an extended international network.The event is open to all NANoREG participants. Please register until June 6, 2014.


Invitation to the Coordinator's strategy workshop on policy and regulation, 2014-05-20, Novotel Paris Charenton, Paris, France


Industrial Technologies 2014 Workshop "Safety of advanced materials and processes": Innovation and Regulatory testing of nanomaterials, first results of  NANoREG, 2014_04_11, 11:15 a.m., Athens, Greece

1. The NANoREG approach:  Answers from Science to the questions/needs of Industry and the Regulation Authorities  (Tom van Teunenbroek)
2. First entry points, the regulatory questions and needs, an overview, matching of needs  (Hugues Crutzen)
3. NANoREG results: Materials, SOPs and the advancement of Regulatory Risk Assessment and Testing (Guillaume Flament)
4. Overview of the NANoREG projects (Mats-Olof Mattsson)
5. The window for industry participation, keeping pace with innovation (Juergen Hoeck)
6. Modes of collaboration for industry (Volker Bachmann)
7. Outlook (Karl Hoehener)

For more information please visit



2013-10-16, Bergen, Norway

(This event is organised and hosted by Mihaela Cimpan andBergen's University)


NANoREG Workshop, 2013_06_28, Wiener Neustadt, Austria

BioNanoNet ForschungsgmbH is pleased to invite you to a NANoREG workshop in Wiener Neustadt, Austria. At this workshop the project NANoREG will be presented and discussed.




2013-06-26, London, United Kingdom

This initiative will provide a significant boost to the UK’s successful exploitation of our nano-innovation and manufacturing capabilities.


2013-06-07, Berne, Switzerland



2013-05-30, Stockholm, Sweden

Professor Roland Grafström, Coordinator for Sweden in the NANoREG project, have been invited to give a "lunch knowledge seminar" on "The NANoREG project and research for risk assessment of nanomaterials" in the Swedish parliment on May 30, 2013.

2013-05-14 - 15, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Society for Risk Analysis Policy Forum “Risk Governance for Key Enabling Technologies”, 2017_03_1-3, Venice, Italy

On behalf of the Society for Risk Analysis, represented by Danail Hristozov, we forward the invitation to submit abstracts for presentations (oral, poster).

The venue is the spectacular Don Orione Artigianelli monastery: The meeting will be limited to 150 people in total.

Information about this international conference can be found in the attached flyer and on the following website:


GUIDEnano Tool presentation during 5th International Conference NANOSAFE 2016, 2016_11_7-10, Grenoble, France


The Conference is about the safe production and use of nanomaterials and is one of the most important at global level.

In parallel to the NANOSAFE conference 2016, November the 10th, GUIDEnano will pre-sent the latest version of its risk assessment Tool in a satellite event. Industries, regulators, insurance companies, consultants, and researchers working with nanomaterials are invited to participate.

The Tool has the capacity to guide users smoothly through the nanomaterials risk assess-ment facilitating decision-making and safe-by-design processes to different stakeholders.
The potential of GUIDEnano Tool will be shown with examples of case studies from industries involved in the project working with nanomaterials.


9th conference Interfaces Against Pollution (IAP2016), 2016_09_4-7, Lleida, Spain

Scope: Elemental speciation, biouptake, bioavailability and toxicity; Natural and engineered colloids and nanoparticles; Water treatment and soil remediation technologies (including capacitive deionization, CDI);  Instrumental techniques for probing interfacial processes; Fundamentals of colloid and interface science; Global environmental processes. See full list of topics here
Publication: Authors participating in IAP2016 are invited to submit a manuscript for consideration for publication in a special issue of the journal Environmental Chemistry.
Flyer: From the welcome webpage you can download the Flyer, print it and use for dissemination of the conference.

Submission of abstracts deadline: 31st March 2016. You can submit your abstract now.

NANO KOREA 2016 - 14th International Nanotech Symposium & Nano-Convergence Expo, 2016_07_13-15, Kintex, Korea
NANO KOREA has been held every year since 2003 co-hosted by the Ministry of Science, ICT & Future Planning and the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy.
In particular, the Symposium, Korea’s largest symposium on the nanoscale science and technology, will be a meaningful occasion to confirm major research results and up-to-date research trends in Korea and overseas, increase exchanges among researchers in relevant fields, and materialize the results of research.
Abstract Submission Due : March 1, 2016 March 15, 2016 - Notification of Acceptance : April 15, 2016
Pre-registration Due : May 31, 2016 - Full Paper Submission : July 31, 2016
For more details please visit the event website!
WHO fibres from nanomaterials and other advanced materials: Do we have to tackle a new asbestos problem in OSH?, 2016_04_20, Dortmund, Germany
Since 2005, the Federal Institute for Occu-pational Safety and Health (BAuA) has a focus on safety research and governance of nano-materials at the workplace. BAuA unites expertise on measurement and characterisa-tion of particles, toxicology, risk assessment, and control strategies. BAuA is also engaged in the regulation and governance of nano-materials through policy advice and participa-tion in various governmental working groups and committees on national and international level. BAuA invites to an international symposium on asbestos-like fibres from nanomaterials and other advanced materials. The goal is to initiate a trans-disciplinary debate among representatives from academia, regulatory agencies, industry, and other interested par-ties in the governance landscape on advanced materials.
Location: Lecture Hall, BAuA Dortmund/Germany
For more information please click here.
Deadline for registration: 15 April 2016

Second Sustainable Nanotechnology School, 2016_01_24-29, Venice, Italy (Ca' Foscari Scientific Campus Via Torino)

A practical approach for understanding the environmental, health and safety implications of manufactured nanomaterials to foster their sustainable applications
A SUN, MODENA COST and ECONANOSORB training school

You can still benefit from the early registration discount by 25 October 2015. Regular fee registration ends on 8 November 2015. Guarantee your place now!

Who should attend: Senior researchers, young scientists, PhD students from research and academic institutions, industry, governmental agencies and hospital departments, and in fact anyone interested in nanosciences, nanotechnologies, risk assessment and educational aspects of nanotechnology.

Please feel free to download and distribute the School flyer among your colleagues.

More information and the programme and Registration


Meeting "Data, Ontology and Harmonisation Needs for Nano Safety Cluster & Projects", 2015_11_23, Brussels, Belgium

JRC, on behalf of NANoREG WP1/T1.5, will attend the EC-RTD organised meeting on 'Data, Ontology and Harmonisation Needs for Nano Safety Cluster & Projects',


MARINA / NanoValid Final Conference_2015_09_29-30, Paris, France

The Final Conference and Meeting of our MARINA project will be organised on 29th/30th September 2015 at the OECD Conference Centre in Paris, France. Under involvement of the EC, scientific community, industry and policy makers, MARINA will disseminate it’s final results during this 2-day event.

For more details please visit


QualityNano Final Conference and Training Workshop, 2015_07_15-17, Heraklion, Crete, Greece

Local host for the meeting is the FORTH institute. This conference is jointly organized with the EU NMP project NanoReg which is already in its second year and addresses the crucial question of regulatory research in the nanosafety area. The upcoming EU INFRASTRUCTURE project EU NCL is invited to join the scientific effort and have confirmed their participation.

The organizers will welcome scientists from other projects in the EU, and beyond. The conference is also open to stakeholders of the wider nanosafety community.

The overarching aim of this workshop is to transfer the lessons learned and knowledge gained to the broader nanosafety community. We believe that this cross-project talk and seamless collaboration is essential for the success of the research paving the way for safe industrial innovation.

Registration deadline extended to 22nd June 2015!


Christine Connolly M.Sc.                                          
Research Funding Development, University College Dublin
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Conference Evolve Biomed 2015, 2015_04_29-30, Dublin, Ireland

Partner "Trinity College Dublin" participates at the conference and presents a poster.


2015_03_9-11, Venice, Italy

The SUN-SNO-GUIDENANO Sustainable Nanotechnology Conference 2015 is a forum for nanotechnology researchers, industry, and regulators to present and discuss research findings on the interface between nanotechnology and sustainability. Our view of sustainability includes not only its environmental dimensions, but also the societal and economic ones.

For more details please visit the event website

Understanding the environmental, health and safety implications of manufactured nanomaterials to foster their sustainable applications: A COST MODENA, SUN and Guidenano training school, 2015_1_11-16, Venice Italy   

University Ca' Foscari Venice

For more details please visit the event website

Topical Scientific Workshop – Regulatory Challenges in Risk Assessment of Nanomaterials, 2014_10_23-24, Helsinki, Finland

Topical scientific workshops of the European Chemicals Agency aim to foster discussions among academia, regulators, industry and other stakeholders on the possible regulatory impacts that the latest scientific developments may have. An anticipated outcome of these workshops is the emergence of new or improved approaches which may be applied in the implementation of the REACH, CLP and Biocides Regulations.

For more details please visit the event page:

Form for expression of interest:

ICNFA 2014 - 5th International Conference on Nanotechnolgy: Fundamentals and Applications, 2014_08_11-13, Prague, Chech Republic
The aim of ICNFA'14 is to bring together the Canadian and International community working in the field of nanotechnology to foster an environment conducive to present advancements in Nanotechnology. This conference will also provide an ideal opportunity to develop new collaborations and partnerships with experts in the field. This year's conference guarantees to be a great occasion to share knowledge and contribute to the ever-growing scientific world on Nanotechnology.

For more details please visit

2014-04-09 - 11, Athens, Greece
Europe’s leading Industrial Technologies conference brings together 1500 representatives of research, industry and policy in the fields of nanotechnology, materials and production technologies. The event provides valuable opportunities to network, find new opportunities of collaboration, and stay up-to-date with the cutting-edge research, industrial news and innovation in Europe.  ... 3 Days, 150 Speakers, 1500 Attendees, 50 countries!

For more details please visit!

 "Putting environmental realism into nanosafety assessment", 2014-03-04 - 7, Birmingham, UK

This event is co-organised with the EU FP7 projects NanoFate and NanoMILE. Experts from several key EU NMP projects will lecture and demonstrate on the “state of the art” in how to achieve better environmental realism in nanosafety assessments. It will be started with a workshop style mini conference on the most recent results and conclusions from across the projects. This will be followed by two workshops discussing specific key technical areas and for the final 2 days three different Training courses will be offered. On these courses you will learn practical hands-on NP synthesis, dosing, characterisation, and NP speciation modelling, as well as design, workflow and data analysis for "omics" endpoint analysis.

Registration is open at (first come first serve for the courses as numbers are limited).

2014_02_12-14, Porto, Portugal

Porto hosted the 2nd edition of the International Conference on Nanoscience & Nanotechnology (nanoPT). PToNANO was there, and presented a poster called “A Portuguese Contribution to the nanomaterials regulation”, Gouveia, H., Vital, N., Alberto, R., Silva, M.J., Louro, H., Saraiva, F., Borges, T., Lavinha, J.  See poster abstract.

2013-11-20, Stockholm, Sweden

The Institute of Environmental Medicine (IMM) invites you to network with leading institutes for discussing how research findings and modern research technologies can be applied to advancement of the health risk assessment process.

Participation in the conference is free of charge. Please use the link below for registration no later than November 10:


For more details please download the pdfProgramme

2013-11-20 – 22, Saarbrücken, Germany

NANOSAFETY INCLUDES • a detailed knowledge on the materials as well as acquisition of their properties • elucidation of the effects of nanomaterials on human beings, including detailed analyses on their mode of action and structure activity relationships • assessment of the impact of nanomaterials on living organisms and the environment • the detection, identification, and quantification of nano-materials in complex matrices, for example cells and tissues as well as standardisation, legislative, regulatory and social aspects.

You are invited to discuss the state of the art, future needs, and developments in these fields in the “Nanosafety 2013” conference. For more details please visit

2013-09-27-28, Bern Switzerland

The Swiss Competence Centre for Material Science and Technology ( in collaboration with the EU Project NanoDiara ( likes to invite you to participate at the conference and work session "Current Challenges Facing Inorganic Nanoparticles in Medicine and Industry" (September 27/28 2013, Bern, Switzerland). This conference and working session will address the issues involved with inorganic nanoparticle research in academic, industrial, commercial, governmental, and regulatory contexts. There is a compelling need for better assessment of nanoparticle toxicity, for coherence between scientific developments and corresponding regulation, and for defining the pre-requisites for implementing such regulation. More details are given in the attached flyer or on the web:

2013-06-28, Wiener Neustadt, Austria

BioNanoNet is pleased to invite you to the NanoProdEx and NANoREG workshop on 28th of June 2013 in Wiener Neustadt, Austria. Mr. Alexander Pogany from the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT, Austria) and Mr. Mats-Olof Mattson from the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) will give a talk about the NANoREG project.



2013-06-27, Vienna, Austria

The Federal Ministry  of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management (BMLFUW) and the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) are pleased to invite you to an information event about successful research projects and about the start of the call 2013 in the field of NANO Environment, Health and Safety (short name EHS) in the premises of the Ministry of Life, Vienna. For more details please visit

2013-06-18 - 20, Dublin, Ireland

The main focus of the conference will be the commercialisation of nanotechnology, exploiting its potential for new applications, pushing it from an enabling technology through to development and on to use in end products. Mr. Tom von Teunenbroek from the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment will give a speech about the NANoReG project. For more details please visit

(May 2015)
Data management and a harmonised approach to handle meaningful and comparable data are a key success factor for the assessment of the quality and reliability of methods, as well as for an effective and responsible use of nanomaterials (NMs).

The Investigation/Study/Assay (ISA) tab-delimited (TAB) format ( has also been identified as a suitable system for data logging and exchanging of complex metadata concerning nanomaterial. NANoREG has produced a set of easy-to-use 'templates'. The templates have been built by experts in different fields (phys-chem, in vivo and in vitro toxicology) and are aimed at harmonising the logging of experimentally-produced data, and include meaningful and detailed information to support causal correlation analyses, modelling and Safe-by-Design (SbD).
Objectives and 'take home messages'
  • NANoREG provides these templates freely to the nanomaterial environmental, health and safety (nanoEHS) community, as jump start towards the harmonisation, sharing and linking of data. This achievement will impact nanoEHS data management at European level, and possibly beyond.
  • The template files are public and free to use and adapt (see license below).
  • Data logging can be an easy task, provided that the right balance between real scientific needs ('need-to-record') and effort put by experimentalists into logging is found.
Please download the templates in our download area.

(December 2015)

ProSafe project invites experts to a Delphi Forum on whether risk management is on pace with nanotechnology innovation

European Horizon2020 project ‘ProSafe’ has launched an online Delphi Forum on whether risk management is on pace with innovation for nanomaterial uses. Expert discussion between those working with manufacture and health and safety of specific nanomaterial uses will be used to develop a white paper proposing a path forward for risk management policies for nanomaterial uses. To join the forum, please follow the instructions below:

  • Follow this link
  • In the access code box for "ProSafe Delphi Poll” please insert “Prosafe2015” as the Access Code and click ‘take survey’
  • Then enter your email address to enter the poll and you will receive an email to confirm and set up a user account. With a user account you can return to the survey if you need to leave in the middle, or if you want to come back later and revise your entries or see progress as more people respond.

The Delphi forum will include a panel review of the discussion so far at the Society for Risk Analysis in early December so the project team are looking to gain as much input as possible before the 30th November. The material classes considered in the Delphi forum are titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide, cerium oxide, barium sulphate, silver, and carbon nanotubes.
You can read more about the project on the ProSafe website.


pdf2015_06_01_NANoREG_Factsheet_D6.3_Comparison on toxicity testing in drug development and in present MNMs safety testing.pdf


 (June 2016)

pdfNANoREG_SbD_concept_final (2016_06_02)



pdf2015_05_20_NANoREG_Factsheet D3.1_Critical exposure scenarios.pdf

pdf2015_04_20_NANoREG_Factsheet_D1.1_Regulatory Questions & Issues.pdf


Fluorescent silica nanobeads that are widely used by the NANoREG project have now been made available by NIA Member HIQ-Nano. The nanoparticles were initially provided by the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT).

The highly bright fluorescent nanobeads provided to the NANoREG project enable, according to the company, superior imaging; they are also biocompatible, come in different sizes and colours, and are stable in aqueous solutions and biological media. More specifically, they are:

  • Tunable size from 25 to 250 nm, with high degree of size and shape monodispersion
  • Available with blue, green, yellow and red fluorescence emissionHighly bright and photostable thanks to the exclusive synthetic route
  • Tunable surface chemistry (e.g., carboxylic, amino, sulphonic acid groups)
  • Biocompatible material; they have been tested both in vitro and in vivo
  • Suitable for super-resolution fluorescence microscopy (STED)
  • Accurately characterized (each batch is characterized through TEM, SEM, DLS, Zeta-Potential and spectroscopy)
  • Guaranteed sterile
  • Available in water or as dried powder
  • Available endotoxin-free

HiQ-Nano is involved in the ‘design, synthesis and characterization of high-quality nanoparticles for research and industrially-oriented applications’. Their products include gold, silver and silica nanoparticles, fluorescent nanobeads, and custom nanomaterial creation. The company is now looking to aid other businesses with its products.

For more details please visit NIA website.


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For all Information on Transnational Access (TA) for QualityNano, please click here.

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