Since most of the R&D work of the NANoREG project has been finalised and reported, the 7th Progress Report presents – where possible – the results for the whole project duration. Therefore, this report has the character of “a draft and not yet complete final report of the NANoREG project”. In the coming month this part of the report will be improved and expanded with additional information, SOPs will be harmonised with regards to lay-out and meta-information, etc. After the end of the project (1 March 2017), it will be submitted as the final report.

In order to already now communicate the provisional results outside the project, this report consists of two parts: The first part, a public document, focuses on the results achieved so far. The second part reports on project management and dissemination including the use of resources. This part is for internal use only.

To keep the size of the report within reasonable limits, the Progress Report refers to documents available on the project web site or the project content management system CIRCABC. By clicking on the hyperlink, the document referred to, is directly available. For documents on CIRCABC you need of course, to be logged in to CIRCABC and have sufficient access rights. The latter is to ensure the confidentiality of information (for example deliverables). So in case you are not a partner in the project and don't have sufficient access for CIRCABC, part of the documents will not be accessible. At the end of the project (28 February 2017), all deliverables will be publicly available.


For comments or remarks on the Progress Report please contact the NANoREG project office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


Download pdfNANoREG 7th Progress Report Part I

Download pdfNANoREG 36-42 Month Progress Report Part 1 Summary Version1


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