Nanotechnology development is one of the key priorities of the Czech development strategy and the nanotechnology safety is understood as an inherent part of sustainable nanotechnology. The importance of nanotechnology safety is expressed in several national strategic documents – e.g. in the national research strategy “Priority 2030” (partial goal 3.2.2. “New and emerging risks”) and in the National OSH policy and Action programme of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

Czech Republic is also the co-secretary country of the European nanotechnologies normalization (CEN TC 352) and the importance of nanosafety was described in detail in the Strategic Research Agenda and Implementation Action Plan, prepared by the Czech Technology Platform on Industrial Safety. Nevertheless, the general approach of the Czech Republic comprises interlinks between national and European regulation and this is where the NANoREG serves as important exchange and harmonization channel.

The contribution of the Czech Republic to NANoREG comprises three parts:

  1. exposure scenarios building including the end-of-life stage, focused on nanomaterials potential release from thermal valorization of wastes;
  2. toxicity testing procedures development, control and harmonization; and
  3. general risk management process development, respecting the high degree of uncertainty, typical for nanomaterials. All above mentioned activities will be realized in the teamwork with respective NANoREG partners.

An inherent part of NANoREG is the creation of national platform of knowledge and best practices exchange and cooperation involving at least three parts: regulatory bodies, industry and research domain.