Underpinning principles

The UK’s NANoREG  consortium will:

  • participate in the development of new testing strategies which will be applicable and relevant to nanomaterials used in products and applications, both now and into the foreseeable future;
  • contribute to a collaborative approach, working in partnership both with the wider consortium across Europe and with the UK’s nanotechnologies industrial and research communities and other relevant stakeholders;
  • work to embed the principles of safe design by driving forward practicable and cost effective risk assessment and management approaches, which can be effectively applied in relevant industrial/commercial settings; and
  • work to ensure that the Project builds upon, without unnecessarily duplicating, work undertaken through the OECD, the EU Nanosafety cluster and other earlier UK and international efforts.

UK aims

The UK NANoREG consortium, guided by the UK NANoREG Steering Group, will

  • take a view of exposure which is relevant to the UK and utilise the NANoREG framework to pursue this.
  • work to drive forward regulatory risk assessment by building on current  understanding of those nanomaterial characteristics and exposure scenarios which pose potential risks and require proactive risk management.
  • for priority nanomaterials and nano-applications, work to understand nanomaterial exposure, both current and foreseen, at all relevant life cycle stages.  Issues around nanomaterial exposure in waste streams and at end of life are an agreed UK priority.
  • work towards reliable up-to-date information to inform ‘read-across’ from bulk forms and between nanoforms.  The UK consortium will work to devise and contribute to a framework which enables the application of the Project results for the advancement of broader risk assessment strategies by using read-across, grouping and computational modelling approaches.
  • understand and develop the regulatory tools and methods needed for detection and characterisation of nanoparticles, which will underpin the implementation of results and effective risk management by manufacturers and regulators.