PToNANO Website already online

The Website is intended to disseminate the NANoREG project, the PToNANO consortium, relevant information regarding nanosafety and to be a way of bringing together all relevant Portuguese stakeholders.

A national survey is ongoing to fill the knowledge gaps related to nanotechnology health, safety and environmental issues - see survey.

On the 21st January of 2014, PToNANO was received in audience by the parliamentary Committees of Health and Education, Science and Culture. PToNANO presented the NANoREG’s objectives and the activities developed in Portugal, under its scope. PToNANO stressed the relevance of its participation in the project due to the need of initiating an open discussion on the EHS aspects of nanotechnology and in the definition of priorities in terms of legislation/regulation. The audience was broadcasted on TV and internet. Official report from the Parliament on this matter can be accessed here.