Meeting with Norwegian Research Council, 2013_11_15, Oslo, Norway

Norwegian NANoREG partners informed Norwegian Research Council about the NANoREG project, about its research goals and an importance to understand the potential environmental as well as human health and safety risks of nanomaterial use and production for the good governance and regulation of nanomaterials. Partners also informed about the financial scheme of NANoREG, as the European Commission provides 17% of funding and the remainder needs to be secured through national sources. Meeting took place at Norwegian Research Council in Oslo.

NANoREG organized NanoSafety workshop & introduction to the EU project NANoREG together with the National Kick-off meeting of Norwegian partners in NANoREG, 2013_10_17, Bergen

The workshop was hosted by University of Bergen (by professor Mihaela Cimpan) and it took place at the Radisson Blu Norge hotel in Bergen. 

The workshop had a focus on the safety of nanomaterials and featured the participation of key international representatives from the NANoREG project (project coordinator Tom van Teunenbroek), the EC (Hugues Crutzen), Nanotechnology Industries Association (Steffi Friedricks), networking/dissemination activities (Andreas Falk) and Norwegian Partners: (NILU-Maria Dusinska, UiB-Mihaela Cimpan, SINTEF-Andy Booth, STAMI-Vidar Skaug and Shan Zienolddiny, UMB-Deborah Oughton, GenØk-Fern Wickson, CBT-Andrew Collins). The aim of the workshop was to provide information to major Norwegian stakeholders about the emerging health and environmental safety issues in the development of nanotechnology and to gather feedback on the future development of research in this field. The work of the large-scale coordinating NANoREG, project was presented, as was the specific contribution of Norwegian institutions. A key element of the meeting were panel discussions on the latest European and national activities in the safety of nanomaterials and the opportunities for Norway’s continued involvement at the frontier of this research field.