The objective of NANoREG is to deliver the answers needed by regulators and legislators on EHS by linking them to a scientific evaluation of data and test methods. Based on questions and requirements supplied by regulators and legislators, NANoREG will: (i) Provide answers and solutions from existing data, complemented with new knowledge, (ii) Provide a tool box of relevant instruments for risk assessment, characterisation, toxicity testing and exposure measurements of MNMs, (iii) Develop, for the long term, new testing strategies adapted to innovation requirements, (iv) Establish a close collaboration among authorities, industry and science leading to efficient and practically applicable risk management approaches for MNMs and products containing MNMs.

The interdisciplinary approach created a unique opportunity for close cooperation of three main stakeholders in The Netherlands (Regulation, Industry and Science) working together on reducing the potential risks from MNMs in industrial and consumer products. The involved Dutch partners (Min I&M, RIVM, Geochem, DLO-RIKILT and TNO) have extensive experience in this field and can contribute from a national perspective to a European approach to the regulatory testing of nanomaterials.

The policy of the Netherlands is to regulate the production and use of MNMs on a European level by primarily adapting existing legislation. If necessary, also new European legislation may be developed. Preferably all legislation relevant for nanomaterials should be harmonized as much as possible, using  basically the same definition, testing strategies  and toolboxes, and deviating only on the base of scientific insights. The primary policy goals are safety, transparency to workers and consumers and stimulating innovation.