The Ministry of Infrastructure  and the Environment is partner in NANoREG as the coordinator of this project. This ministry also has a coordinating role in the Netherlands on all government policy and activities pertaining to the management of risks of nanomaterials. This includes a coordinating role among the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. The Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment also facilitates a network within the Dutch scientific institutes (e.g. DLO-RIKILT, TNO), organisations of industry and NGO’s. A close cooperation with the RIVM, as an advising institute for the involved Ministries, ensures a sound and up-to-date scientific base for policy development. (in Dutch).

RIVM contributes in WP1 in translating policy issues into regulatory questions and scientific and data gaps.

RIVM and DLO-RIKILT cooperate in WP5, working on translating risk assessment needs into scientific requirements, assessing the applicability of scientific data for risk assessment and evaluation of the applicability of solubility testing for nanomaterials.

RIVM, Geochem and TNO cooperate in WP6, developing new approaches to link horizon scanning and risk analysis requirements in order to be better prepared for risk assessment of emerging technologies like nanotechnology; comparison of risk assessment requirements for chemical substances and for medical applications (regulatory and scientifically).