In 2012 UBA published a concept for the establishment of a nanoproductregister:

The higher federal authorities of the German Federal Government (UBA, BAuA, BfR) published in 2012 a background paper for the adaption of the REACH-Annex to nanomaterials. The paper was submitted to the Euro-pean Commission in 2013 in preparation of the following Annex adap-tion. The results are available here:




The BMBF funds a web-based knowledge and data platform called ‘DaNa – The Knowledge Platform on Nanomaterials’. The aim of the web pres-ence is to illustrate research results on safety aspects of nanomaterials to a broad audience – to experts as well as to lay people – well-structured and intelligible to all. The core of this website is the data base of nano-materials in the domain ‘nanoINFO’, which concentrates the latest knowledge in this field.