15th OECD Working Party on Manufactured Nano-materials (WPMN), 2015_11_02-06, Paris, France

To be held in Paris at the OECD: http://www.oecd.org/science/nanosafety


OECD Working Party on Manufactured Nanomateri-als (WPMN) - Second half of 2015

Horizontal Meeting on “Read Across”, organized by EU KOM


 NanoDialogue: 4th Expert Dialogue concerning “Re-sponsible use of nanomaterials – Nano & Food”, 2015_06_15-16,Germany

The NanoDialogue is a stakeholder dialogue which was began in 2006. The fourth Dialogue phases started in 2013. Four ExpertDialogue events focusing on various aspects of nanotechnologies will be organized. This provides the possibility to deal again with certain aspects already covered in previous dialogue phases in order to develop them further on and to discuss emerging issues together with the stakeholders involved (stake-holder groups, government ministries and authorities). The 4th Expert Dia-logue focuses on “Responsible use of nanomaterials – Nano & Food”.



1st Joint Symposium on Nanotechnology, 2015_03_05-06, Germany

“The integration of nanomaterials along the entire value chain creates new challenges and requires new approaches in terms of design, test-ability, reliability, and safety.

At a two-day symposium, the status quo in application, research, and regulation will be presented. Besides the characterisation, the toxicolo-gy of nanomaterials will be in the focus. Furthermore, the societal ac-ceptance of nanotechnology shall be discussed.

This first joint symposium on nanotechnology on 5 and 6 March 2015 is organised by the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) togeth-er with the Fraunhofer "Food Chain Management Alliance" and the Fraunhofer "Nanotechnology Alliance".”



1st BfR-Academy Training School on Nanotechnolo-gies for Risk Assessors, 2015_03_3-4, Germany

The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) organizes the first training school on nanotechnologies, which is specifically dedicated to persons involved in risk assessment and regulation of nanomaterials.

The frequent use of nanomaterials (NM) for various applications cre-ates new challenges with respect to risk assessment and regulation. This training school will give a state of the art overview on NM charac-terization, NM toxicity testing, exposure assessment as well as NM risk assessment and will also discuss methodological limitation and future needs and challenges. The concept of this training school was devel-oped together with the EU FP7 project QualityNano.”