A National Partnership on Nano-Toxicology is under reflexion, combining expertise on VIVO-VITRO(INERIS), HTS (CEA) and regulatory endpoints (IPL).

A collaborative action is starting on an Air-Liquid-Interface model as a tool to produce safer nanomaterials. In the Frame of the French Laboratory of Excellence SERENADE, a consortium of INERIS, CEREGE, INSERM and ALLIOS a painting company, had just started a collaborative project aiming, in 2 years, to finalise and evaluate a pulmonary in-vitro reference model for the early detection of nano-objects toxicology. This tool, based on an Air Liquid Interface model (VITROCELL), will then act as decision maker, helping industries on the choice of MNs having the lowest toxicity. This action is in relation with the French contribution on NANOREG WP5.