NanoSafety Conference "Nanomaterial research for innovation and regulatory needs", 2017_03_29, Helsinki, Finland
The Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) is organizing a nanosafety conference which will present results and conclusions of the NANoREG project as well as discuss the current regulatory framework for health and safety assessment of nanomaterials especially under REACH, and the need for updates. The conference is aimed at industry, authorities and researchers.

Please read more, see the agenda and registrate at Tukes pages:

The national "nanoforum" appointed by the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs together with Tukes organized in November 2013 a workshop on nanosafety and regulations for national stakeholders (agencies, ministries, research institutions, academia and industry). One of the main issues in this meeting was NANoREG and the Finnish nanocellulose contribution to the project. This can also be considered as final national kick-off meeting.